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A stay in the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River is ideal for hiking holidays, trips or a hiking vacation. The hiking offers are very large. Numerous hiking paths cross the large area of the town, on which long hikes and hiking tours can be done. The "Storchenroute" ("stork route") is very charming. It leads through a landscape conservation area, past inhabited stork nests. The last stork appearance in North Rhine-Westphalia can be found here. The hiking route predominantly leads west of the Weser River parallel to the Weser River bike path and to the Westphalian Muhlenroute (mill trail) to the town part Schlusselburg (about 20 km) from the main town, where the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River is located.
Hiking guides or maps of the region, from which you can choose a suitable card for your route, are recommendable for longer hikes.

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If you have devoted yourself to biking and if you plan a bicycle vacation, you will find numerous well sign-posted bike trails in the surrounding area of the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River. The bicycle paths inside the urban areas have a total length of about 300 km. One of the most eventful bike routes is the bicycle trail "Storchenroute" ("stork route"), which leads through a landscape conservation area, past inhabited stork nests. But also supraregional bike paths, such as the Muhlenroute (mill route) or the Weser River bicycle path, run through the urban area.

The bike path Muhlenroute has a length of about 320 km and leads as a round trail from Preussisch-Oldendorf via Lubbecke, Minden, Bad Oeynhausen, Porta Westfalica, Minden and Espelkamp and back again to Preussisch-Oldendorf. The biker meets romantic wind mills, water mills and steed mills on his cycle tour. The Porta Westfalica, which is a breakthrough of the Weser River through the Wiehen mountains, is a scenic specialty on the Muhlenroute. You have a beautiful panorama view from the Emperor-Wilhelm-Monument towards the northern German lowlands and the southern hill country.

The Weser River bike path has a length of about 450 km and it predominantly leads along the Weser River from Hannoversch Munden in the Weser River highland to Bremerhaven near the North Sea. The Weser River bicycle trail offers a beautiful river landscape with castles, fairy tale and legend figures, half-timbered houses and Weser River renaissance, in a variety of landscapes which can hardly be topped. Bike hiking maps or planners of the region are recommendable for longer bicycle tours.

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  • On hot days, the guest of the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River can cool down in the amusement and bathing lake in the town part Lahde, which is about 3 km away. It is also possible to go fishing in the amusement and bathing lake.
  • You will find further swimming possibilities in the heated open air swimming pool Lahde with swimmer and nonswimmer pools
  • as well as in the indoor swimming pool of the spa clinic Hopfenberg.

Hot springs "Bali-Therm" Bad Oeynhausen

There are hot springs in Bad Oeynhausen (about 34 km southwest of the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River). The "Bali-Therm", one of the biggest indoor swimming pool landscapes in Germany, with its Indonesian-exotic flair, offers a unique atmosphere for bathing guests. Bays with formfitting bubble camp beds, bathing islands, hot whirlpools, massage nozzles, water mushrooms and a generous sauna area belong to the unique atmosphere. Because of this, the amusement bath is like a cheerful oasis of relaxation. Great importance is also put on the health facets, which is put into practice in an absolute new adventure and relaxation world.

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