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Hotel restaurant "Orangery" banquet rooms

The 324-pete castle hotel Weser River is popular for its great cuisine. Besides the restaurant (orangery), which offers space for up to 50 people, there are also princely banquet rooms available for festive or business occasions, such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, jubilees, anniversaries, meetings or seminars.

The cabinet conjures with an elegant, familiar atmosphere and with festive ambience. It is just perfect for parties of 10 to 36 people.

Gorgonius cellar

The Gorgonius cellar is an affectionately restored building in different levels with arches and arrow slits, fireplace and deep well, underground channels and lots of nooks. The castle is presented in its ancient dignity there. The Gorgonius cellar offers a wonderful program for historical feasts, knight's meals and similar festivities with 20 to 100 people.

Festivity hall "Fasanerie" up to 120 people

The festivity guests will think that they have been put back into the times of the queen Luise von Preussen in the Fasanerie. A valuable stucco ceiling, a landscape wallpaper from 1800 and a parquet floor, which was laid according to historical ideal, decorate the fest hall. The "Fasanerie" offers space for parties for 30 to 120 people.

324-pete castle hotel Weser River North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

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