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324-pete castle hotel Weser in the Weser River hills

The castle near the Weser River

The castle hotel 324-pete castle hotel Weser River in the Weser River hills has its origins in a castle, which was founded by the Minden bishop Gottfried von Waldeck in the 14th century. The residence of the bishops of Minden was named after the holy Petrus, the patron saint of the diocese Minden, which was transformed into a world princedom in 1648. In the middle of the 16th century, the reconstruction of the castle followed.

Today, a hotel is located inside of the castle on the Weser River. But the rooms can still be visited in the course of a guided tour through the castle with the castle lord. Besides the rooms, there are also pictures and documents of the past, which tell the history of the former bishop residence and the historical events of the region.

The castle hotel on the Weser River

The 324-pete castle hotel Weser River in the Weser River hills offers relaxation and recreation for its hotel guests, but also the possibility to celebrate in a cheerful companionship. Besides the restaurant, there are different sized banquet rooms available for festive or business events such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, jubilees, anniversaries meetings or seminars.

324-pete castle hotel Weser River North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

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Stylishly furnished hotel rooms (3 single bedrooms, 9 double bedrooms and 1 suite), which are all furnished with telephone, radio clock, satellite TV, mini bar, bath or shower and private toilet, offer overnight stay possibilities. So the hotel guests do not have to do without cozy comfort in the patriarchal  walls of the castle. The hotel rooms have views either towards the Weser River, the inner castle courtyard or the picturesque castle garden. You will find relaxation in the castle garden during the summer in the heated open air swimming pool. The use of the hotel own open air swimming pool is free of charge for hotel guests.

The town near the Westphalian Muhlenstrasse (mill road)

The town near the Muhlenstrasse (mill road) in the Weser River hills, where the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River runs, has about 26,000 residents. It is made up of the former 29 independant communities and towns. Because of this, it is one of the biggest towns in North Rhine-Westphalia according to the square measures.
The town parts are located on both sides of the Weser River. The typical Weser villages with their half-timbered  houses and characteristical Weser churches also give the town its special flair and atmosphere.
The 11 wind mills, made of different types of construction, are part of the Westphalian Muhlenstrasse (mill road), which has a total of 40 different kinds of mills. You can experience the mills in work during the grinding and backing days on every weekend between April and October.
The charming landscape inside the town area is stamped by green floodplains and a big forest area. The nature area especially offers home to the storks.

Sightseeing and excursion trips

Petri church
Besides the castle, the protestant Petri church at the main street is said to be the town's second landmark. It overtops the roofs of the inner town with its short, compact church tower. The church, which is divided into three naves, was built in the early 17th century.
The tracerys of the round arch windows are also very remarkable.

Old municipal court
The old municipal court is a typical Prussian administration construction from the time around 1900. The complex halls, the pillars and the stairs as well as the original preserved court room are remarkable.
Today, the building serves as a meeting place, where, among others, movies, theater performances, art exhibitions music and cabaret events are taking place.

Glass cottage Gernheim – Westphalian Industry Museum
One of the most important glass factories of northwest Germany used to be located in the town part of the "glass-making-town" Gernheim (about 5 km from the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River), which was founded during the early 19th century. Still preserved buildings such as the fabricant mansion, the administration, basketry with the factory school, a tavern and last but not least the glass cottage tower, serve as an industry museum today. The exhibition informs about the early industrial production forms as well as the working and living conditions of the typical worker families.
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Country and Herring catcher museum Heimsen
A museum in the town part Heimsen (about 14 km from the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River) reminds of the  herring catchers in the region, who spent half of the year on the high seas. This exhibition informs about the life and experiences of the herring catchers at sea and about their home.

Dinosaurier-Park Munchehagen
There is a dinosaur park in Munchehagen (about 21 km northeast of the 324-pete castle hotel Weser River), which is a town part of Rehburg-Loccum. Huge dinosaur herds lived at this place about 140 million years ago. Visitors can follow their tracks today and see more than 120 dinosaurs in full-scale.

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